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Self-employed computer consultant in website design, programming, and training. Specialty is creating easily updatable web sites, allowing small business owners to become self-sufficient in maintaining their own sites. Fixing broken web sites is another frequently used skill, as is setting up Ecommerce.
  • Web design/programming/HTML (click for Portfolio)
  • Blog and dynamic content sites using Wordpress, or CMS Made Simple.
  • Online database sites using PHP and mySQL.
  • Custom PC based data and document conversion tools (Python).
Over 40 years in the computer industry with expertise in numerous programming languages including PHP, Javascript, Python, Perl, MySQL, Modula2, Fortran, Bliss, Lisp, C, Mumps, and various assembly and scripting languages. Can set up E-commerce, PHP-nuke sites, Joomla sites, Blogs, Photo Galleries, Zen Cart and many other PHP packages, including some of my own shareware.

2000 - to date

Self-employed web consultant,
Albuquerque, NM 2000 - 2007
Fort Collins, CO 2008- 2012
Lakeside, San Diego, CA 2012 to present
  • Unit 549 of the ACBL
    • A web site for the bridge players in the north inland san diego area, Unit 549 of the ACBL. It uses CMS made simple and they maintain it themselves.
  • Sea Shirts
    • A web site for a store by Coronado beach carrying T-shirts and seaside items.
  • My own blog on genealogy, genetics, and gardening
    • My personal blog, a wordpress site.
  • Lakeside Garden Club
    • A web site for the garden club in Lakeside California. Terrific slidshows thanks to the submissions of talented members. Yet another CMS made simple site.
  • District 17 of the ACBL
    • A web site for the bridge players in district 17, the southwestern states, of the ACBL. It uses CMS made simple so that they can maintain it themselves. Also incorporates a google calendar of events.
  • the Denver unit of the ACBL
    • A web site for the bridge players in the Denver unit of the ACBL. It uses CMS made simple and they maintain it themselves. It incorporates a custom feature that pulls the masterpoint races from the ACBL.
  • NMRID, New Mexico Interpreters for the Deaf
    • This is the second version of this organization's web site that we have created for them. This one uses CMS made simple so that they can easily do their own updates. The first one was done about eight years ago and needed an update.
  • David Decides About Thumbsucking, a guide for parents and a story for children
    • Our intern, with minimal supervision, created this CMS made simple site to publicize this terrific book about how to end the thumbsucking habit.
  • Self-help Credit Repair
    • We converted an existing design in static html to a CMS made simple site that the client can keep updated himself.
  • Adriel Hills, condominium association
    • JOOMLA site for a local country club-like condominium association. Includes many pages for members only.
  • Bermuda Bridge Club
    • Redid this site using the JOOMLA content management system which allows them to easily keep the site up-to-date themselves. It includes many new custom components for Bridge Clubs which show game results, masterpoint races, and pair summaries.
  • Australian Pool Filter Covers and Outdoor Timber Pool Furniture
    • Created custom pricing and shipping calculators using Ajax technology to call out from javascript to a database via a PHP and mySQL program
  • The Concilio Network
    • Custom backend software for JOOMLA-driven site and extranet for an international financial services network.
  • United States Bridge Federation
    • Used the Joomla content management system with the Community Builder add-on to create a site they can keep updated themselves. Created custom joomla modules and components to use with scripts in Python to show the hand by hand play records of these Bridge Championships. Loaded membership data onto the site from an Excell file and created a custom Paypal dues payment module. Created team entry component (members only) using the latest auto-complete javascript software for filling in team members.
  • Harvard class of 1972 Reunion Site
    • Used the Joomla content management system with the Community Builder add-on to create a college reunion website with lists of who is coming to the reunion that are dynamically created by the site members themselves. Member-only areas include a modern facebook, a message board, and small personal photo albums.
  • PHP/MySQL Programming via subcontract to other web designers
    • Created custom doctor request system for referrels, refills, and records processing
    • Created custom on-line quiz scorer.
    • Created custom JOOMLA components and modules for management of specialized database information.
    • Created custom form to database to Paypal and return processing for conference registration.
    • Created custom form to database to Ecommerce processing with relay response for charity event sign-ups.
    • Customized OScommerce shopping carts, added forum, specialized shipping and other features from existing contributions.
  • Kup and Sourcer Marketing Blog - no longer online
    • Converted another designer's custom design to a tableless CSS template for Wordpress and set up the WordPress blog
  • Economic Snapshots
    • Created custom PC-based Python tools for this concise economic report to facilitate publication of their analysis of current economic events.
    The Military Officers Association of America
    • Created this closed membership site using the PHP-nuke dynamic content system, including the event calendar and photo gallery add-ons. My own shareware content display module allows the user to add content sections to the main menu. My RTF conversion modules assist in publishing stories and content.
  • Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Eclectica
    • Online Beaded Jewelry Store. Uses the Gallery software to display their designs with my own added shareware for paypal buttons.
  • Overeaters Anonymous
    • Created a Python tool to convert their monthly QUARK format magazine to their web template.
  • Hotel Buy Sell, Hotel Brokers
    • Created user login and listing management programs using PHP and mySQL, built on the existing hotel listing system. My shareware javascript slide show is used in the home page header.
  • Pat Durgin, realistic Southwestern oil paintings
    • Created this site using the artist's own work to illustrate it and enhance it. Uses the Gallery software to display her paintings with my own added shareware for paypal buttons.
  • Albuquerque Master Gardeners
    • Site to inform the general public about gardening in the Albuquerque area and to provide a online community area for local Master Gardeners. A PHP-nuke website with many custom changes for a membership organization, including closed membership loaded from an excell file.
  • New Mexico Bridge Clubs
    • Designed and created this web site. Created an interactive form and a Python CGI program for the online display of a pair's results summary. Have created similar sites for several other Bridge Clubs (click for Bridge sites portfolio).
  • Free Bridge Lessons from Kitty Cooper
    • Author of my own wordpress bridge teaching site.
  • Futures for Children
    • Set up the online credit card processing for this site using the Skipjack gateway. This site helps Native American children get an education with the help of a mentor.
  • Norrico, Inc
    • Designed and implemented this Scripophily store site (Paypal based).
  • High Country Gardens
    • Streamlined daily web order downloads by creating some Python scripts. Created admin login and image uploading and management for the backend of the new website using PHP and mySQL. Wrote Python script to generate RTF format format files from text files of data.


Assistant Vice President, Technology sector
Bank of New York, New York, NY
  • Created and implemented an online documentation center on the company intranet. This included creating a training course and a manual for authoring HTML documentation.
  • Chief troubleshooter and manager for VAX and Alpha technical support team.
  • Coordinated the implementation of clustering across all departments in the bank involving about 300 people.
  • Created and maintained tools and utilities in DCL, Modula2, and LISP.


World Champion
Bridge Professional, London, UK and New York, NY
  • Represented the UK for an EEU gold medal and a European bronze.
  • Upon return to the USA, my US team won the World Championship.


Assistant Vice President
Banker's Trust Co, New York, NY
  • Managed and was chief troubleshooter for a technical support team for VAX and PDP-11 computers (MACRO-11, DCL, Fortran).


Self employed part-time consultant, New York, NY
  • Part-time contract work in Assembler and Fortran on PDP-11s in order to be a partially stay-at-home mother.


Senior Software Engineer
Digital Equipment Corporation, New York, NY
  • Troubleshooting and projects in Fortran, MACRO-11, RSX on PDP-11s.


AGS Computing Inc, New York, NY
  • Money Transfer projects: Fortran and MACRO-11 on PDP-11s.


Software Engineer
Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, MA
  • TYPESET-11 project: Assembly language on PDP-11s.


Systems Programmer
AHS Medical Systems, Woburn, MA
  • Assembly language and MUMPS on PDP-11s.
1972 A.B. cum laude, Fine Arts, Harvard University
  • First program written in Fortran at NSF summer program at Brown University in 1966.
Bridge, genealogy, gardening, art, digital photography, the Internet.


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