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Javascript Slide Show for a web page
    Either an inline slideshow (look to the right for some Big Sur pictures) or the slides can be displayed in a separate window. Compatible with Thumbsplus pages. The program automatically moves from one picture to the next. You can change the timing. Optional controls.

For an example of the inline slides see the header of this page:
    For an example of the separate slides see this Fall Foliage photo page:
Click here for more details and the download page.

JOOMLA Add-ons and Hacks - Various JOOMLA add-ons and hacks
Librarything Module
Login Page for Community Builder
CRON job to optimize MySQL tables
This is shareware, so if you find any of it useful

PHP-nuke Add-ons and Hacks - Various PHP-nuke add-ons and hacks for versions 7.2 and up
Modifications to Web_Links directory for 7.3
Show all sub categories
Equalize the two columns
Better alignment
Add Mozilla and Firefox Browsers to the Statistics module
This is shareware, so if you find any of it useful

Report Reformatter

    Program to strip a report created for a printer of the extra headers and page numbers, creates a tab separated file and sends that file to Excell (or another spreadsheet program). Solves the problem of moving the database reports from the legacy system onto your PC.
    Needs to have the report format predefined. Report must be in fixed columns. Email us a sample and we will let you know if this tool can be tailored for it and give you an estimate. Most reports can be done for $30.00 US. Written in Python.


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