OPEN your mind and soul to endless possibilities... The
SKY is not the limit. Let your imagination roam free. Your
WEB site is an expression of who and what you are. The
DESIGN of your site must be yours, not ours, not theirs.

- Kitty Cooper, web developer        

We focus on affordable web design, development, programming, and site maintenance training for small businesses, membership organizations, non-profits, and individuals. We can help you create your own site or WordPress blog and then set it up so that it is easy for you to maintain yourself.

Look through our Tools page, Portfolio, Client Manual, and our own dynamic information and news site to learn more. Or visit our page of web hosting reviews.

Dynamic content sites are our specialty. Have a look at some of the CMS made simple and Wordpress sites in our portfolio. For blog sites we love WORDPRESS and have two blogs of our own - one for Bridge Teaching and one for our gardening and genetic hobbies! For less complex sites, whose focus is article content, we recommend CMS Made Simple which we have many custom bridge related addons for.

Our web design company is located in Lakeside, just east of San Diego, the city with the best weather in the USA!

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